Can't put your finger on what's making you scratch more? Take note of these triggers and our tips on how to minimise flare ups.

  • Woollen and synthetic fabrics: Time to update your wardrobe. Breathable, cotton fabrics are the kindest to sensitive skin. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon tend to lock in heat, while the texture of wool may tempt itching.
  • Food intolerances: Food allergies can worsen eczema. Some common contenders include soy, nuts, wheat, fish and eggs. A simple food allergy test may be all your skin is asking for.
  • A change in temperature: Heat is known to be a common irritant to the skin. If you're unable to climate control your surroundings, wear cool, cotton clothing, and stay hydrated. If you're enjoying the sunshine always wear sunscreen and stick to the shade.

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  • Stress: When you feel under the pump your body releases hormones that inflame and irritate the skin. Good sleeping habits, meditation or even a relaxing bath, may help to ease the worries built up in your mind.

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  • Constant exposure to water, soap or chemicals such as chlorine: Spin the tap to cool or lukewarm when showering to avoid aggravating your skin. Pat yourself down with a towel to dry rather than vigorously rubbing, and moisturise immediately afterwards, before your skin gets the chance to dry out.

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