Most people assume that the sun is only damaging to the skin when they feel too hot or begin to burn, but it's the sun's UVA AND UVB radiation which is the masked assassin attacking your skin, often doing its worst during an overcast or grey day.

UV radiation damages and dehydrates the protective functions of our skin cells, bringing on fine lines and reducing the skin's buoyant appearance. Simple outdoor activities such as playing sports, walking around the street, even driving during the day can have damaging repercussions for your skin and can accelerate the ageing process.

Did you know? Dry skin is a condition that occurs due to inadequate oil production, while dehydration occurs through a lack of water in the skin after being over-exposed to the sun or a dry climate.

Prevent your skin from hitting the fast forward button by actively using a sunscreen lotion in your everyday skin routine to lock in hydration and ward off wrinkles. Team this with the Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin in the morning and at night to fight water loss, and replenish your skin cells.

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