Enriched with high concentrations of olive oil and blended with fresh Australian goats milk, our soap bars need some tender love and care in return for their nourishing qualities. To make sure your skin gets a taste of all that our soaps have to offer, there a few simple tricks to storing your soaps in order to make them last longer.

Keep your soaps out of direct sunlight, and store them in a dry, covered container that allows air circulation. Small cardboard boxes work well, or if you're storing a number of soaps, try using a shoe box.

Before use, cut your soap in half and keep one stored away to prevent the whole bar dissolving in water. After each use of your on-duty half, aim to place it outside of the shower to allow the bar to fully dry between washes.

If you have a high shelf in the shower that's not in direct contact with water, try storing your soap bar there in a wooden soap dish for convenient access. Lather up!

how to store goats soap billie goat soap

Product: Billie Goat Original Soap