While women are offered endless skincare options like day creams, night creams, serums & peels, men on the other hand are often guilty of skipping skincare entirely. Ash from our Billie Goat Team found her hubby using shampoo as his face wash of choice arguing that "it's all the same stuff!" – sound familiar?

If there’s one product that you convince him to use to soften those scratchy cheeks it’s our Original Goats Milk Soap. Due to thicker facial follicle hair and frequent shaving, men are already starting with a harsh canvas that's craving some nourishing attention. Our Original Soap is enriched with high concentrations of goats milk and olive oil to soften the skin and prevent irritation.

Why he’ll love it?

  • It's gentle enough to use as a hand wash, body wash and facial cleanser.
  • Mixed with warm water to open the pores, its moisturising benefits will soften facial hair and remove dead skin cells for a smoother shave.
  • Using natural ingredients rather than adding synthetic fragrances, he won’t consider the scent too feminine.

Why you’ll love it? No more prickly kisses!

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Products: Billie Goat Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin, Billie Goat Original Soap