Product: Billie Goat Hydrating Face Serum, Billie Goat Hydrating Face Day Cream, Billie Goat Hydrating Face Night Cream

Want to give your skincare routine a boost… but unsure where to start?

We've all walked into our local beauty destination looking for help and found ourselves consumed by an avalanche of eye creams, serums, day moisturisers, night creams, sunscreens, and brightening agents, with no clue what our skin really needs. Sure, you moisturise day and night, but if you're looking to minimise the look of those fine lines and reinvigorate your skin, it's time to add a serum to your routine.

What's a face serum and why do you need one, you ask? Serums are lightweight moisturisers that deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin, due to their gel-like texture. With fewer thickening and SPF actives than your moisturiser, serums have more room for extra antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients. Their thin texture should be applied first to cleansed, bare skin allowing for fast penetration and followed by your moisturiser both day and night.

As you’re pulling yourself out of the skincare avalanche you've found yourself in, beware of products which advertise a bunch of tongue-twisting ingredients that often don't have a lot of supporting evidence. We always reach for traditional ingredients, which are renowned for their skin-loving qualities, such as Vitamin C and green tea.

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