Do you follow every tip to avoid the triggers of eczema and psoriasis but find you’re still breaking out in rashes and dry patches? Keeping your home spotless to reduce a build-up of dust and allergens may help reduce triggers causing a flare-up, but the cleaning products you’re using may actually be doing more damage than good.

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Did you know?

  • As an eczema sufferer, the number one cleaning rule is to wear gloves when washing dishes or using chemical products. Gloves with cotton liners will prevent any irritation caused by the gloves, and moisturising after wear will avoid your skin drying out from water use.

  • Where possible, swap out harsh chemicals and trade them for natural alternatives instead. Olive oil makes a great polish for wooden surfaces, while vinegar and lemon juice can be used as an everyday surface cleaner - plus it's money-saving too! If you're looking for a cleaner with an extra kick, simply add baking soda.

  • Choose your laundry detergent wisely as chemicals such as bleach, fragrance and enzymes used on your clothing may have a direct impact on your skin. Try a hypoallergenic detergent free of dyes and perfumes, or swap out detergent completely for a natural option such as vinegar and baking soda. TIP: While you’re doing a wash, add in your child's stuffed toys to eliminate dust mites hiding in them.

  • Hidden triggers such as dust, pollen and pesticides can quickly build up in your home and can wreak havoc on your skin. To prevent these invisible pests, aim to vacuum at least three times a week, and make it a family rule to leave your shoes outside by the door to prevent them from spreading outside allergens through the house. This is also a great excuse to stop muddy footprints from marking the carpet!

  • Liven up your interiors with bamboo and spider plants. Not only will they add a fresh feel to your living space, but they'll also absorb pollutants!

Do you have any natural cleaning remedies that you swear by? Let us know!