We don’t often associate wet, miserable winter weather with the word dry. It's the summer season that receives all the attention for triggering the dreaded eczema flare up, but did you know that the winter months are troubling our skin too?

This is because our skin is in constant contact with dry air both in the chilly outdoors and inside our heated homes. While the low humidity air is damaging enough, drastic changes in temperature caused by moving from the cold to the warmth wreaks havoc on our skin’s sensitivity, not to mention its threat of causing a nasty flu.

One of our Billie Goat fans Kelly, started using our goats milk range after her son developed a virus that caused the skin on his hands to peel terribly.

"Recently my 6 year old son had a bad virus and the skin on his hands began to peel off, so I decided to try Billie Goat and within 3 days his hands have cleared up fantastically"

As we often forget to protect our hands when it comes to rugging up for winter, we've put together some tips to stop the winter chill from sucking out the moisture from your skin & triggering your eczema, and to help protect your family from that relentless flu.

Moisturise: If you’ve been managing eczema for a while you'll know the golden rule is to always keep moisturised. As winter is especially drying, swap out your regular moisturiser for our Billie Goat body butter and apply within minutes of jumping out of the shower to allow your skin to hold onto all of its moisturising goodness.

Try a humidifier: to prevent your skin from battling dry air both inside and out, run a humidifier at night to keep your skin feeling hydrated and supple. It’ll also clear your nasal passages & help you fight off a cold.

Rug up: protect your hands by wearing gloves in the cold weather to help your skin hold onto moisture. Use our Billie Goat Hand Cream before sliding your gloves on to keep your skin soft and reach for cotton gloves to prevent winter woollies from irritating your hands. If your favourite pair of chunky winter gloves aren't sensitive on the skin, try wearing a light pair of cotton gloves underneath. If you get stuck in the damp weather, change into dry clothes as soon as possible to stop your skin from drying out.

Cut down your shower time: while long hot showers after cold winter’s day sounds ideal, they’re actually stripping the moisturising oils from your skin. Instead a quick, lukewarm shower will stop your skin becoming dry and itchy. To help prevent your skin from drying out in the shower, our Billie Goat Intensive Soap will give your skin an extra boost of hydration thanks to its combination and high concentrations of goats milk, olive oil & colloidal oatmeal.

SPF: Although it may be cold and cloudy, the sun’s radiation still has damaging and dehydrating effects on your skin cells. Apply our Billie Goat Sunscreen whenever you leave the house to fight water loss and ward off wrinkles. Its mixture of goats milk, aloe vera and calendula with calm and condition your skin while creating a barrier against you and the sun's damaging rays.

the wicked winter itch skincare tips

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