One of Natasha's favourite things about her toddler son, Xavier, is his smell...."I want to be able to smell that baby smell before he becomes a horrible teenager," she laughs.


Unfortunately that's one of the only nice things about his skin, which Natasha says is incredibly sensitive, and often flares up and becomes red and hot to the touch. "It can be anything. [Sometimes we just simply] pick him up and have a play with him! He gets sent home from daycare quite often for having what they call a 'rash'," Natasha says. "It's not, we have tried to explain. But we understand the policies. We have to take him to the doctor to get clearance....the doctor always says it is nothing.

His skin troubles, however, pale in comparison to the problems they had with Xavier coming into the world.

"I had gestational diabetes and preclampsia,.. and then he was

born prem as well - I had an emergency c-section. He was in the

special care nursery for 15 days..."

Now that Xavier is home, Natasha absolutely loves to spoil him. One of her favourite ways is by giving him a massage."{Xavier] smells so delicious after his baby massage, and he is so happy and relaxed."

Natasha recommends: Billie Baby Baby Massage Lotion before she puts Xavier to bed. "It is very gentle on him, which was great."

xavier playing

Does your child's skin ever play up due to skin to skin contact? Did you have a difficult pregnancy like Natasha? Have you tried baby massage? Let us know in the comments below.